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Wholesale Yeti Rambler
01-27-2018, 01:42 AM
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Wholesale Yeti Rambler
Both the Wholesale Yeti Rambler and the RTIC Tumbler are well built. While I was using them I felt like the YETI might be slightly heavier. I have not weighed them to see but in my two days of using the tumblers side by side I felt like the YETI was heavier. The RTIC Tumbler is not as wide as the YETI, but it is slightly taller (see the first picture of them side by side).

Because the RTIC Tumbler isn’t as wide, it doesn’t need as much ice to fill it as the Yeti Tumblers 30 Oz does. (To be fair, you would only need a few more ice cubes to fill the YETI up) RTIC says that due to them being slightly taller and not as wide it makes them easier to grip and makes them fit in cup holders better. Our cars are a little older and the cup holders are right against the dashboard. From my observation they fit in our cup holders about the same. Is it easier to grip the RTIC because it is not as wide?

I would have to measure how wide they are, but at the bottom I feel that they are about the same size. I feel the difference in the size comes as you move up the body of the cup, the Yeti Wholesale Prices is wider than the RTIC, but the RTIC is taller. If you grab near the bottom of the cup, the part that goes in the cup holder, I do not think you will be able to tell a difference. If you grab the body of the cup you might be able to tell a slight difference.

Both of the cups claim to be sweat proof and they both deliver on that claim. You can put these Colored Yeti Cups 20 Oz on wood and they will not sweat and leave an ugly water ring on your furniture.The tops for the tumblers are slightly different. Both have plastic lids that create an “air tight” seal, but the big difference here is that RTIC’s lid has a spot on the lid where you can easily insert a straw. I know some people that like to drink from a straw and this will be a bonus feature for them that YETI does not have. (I would like to mention the straws we buy are “normal” sized bendy straws that you buy at the grocery store and they fit fine in both tops. The drinking slit in the YETI is just wide enough to fit a normal sized straw.
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