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Aussie Club Looking To Join Super League

Aussie Club Looking To Join Super League

Saturday 10 Nov 2012 9:46pm
The Western Australian Rugby League is toying with an idea to enter its West Coast Pirates team into Super League after NRL expansion plans are being delayed.

John Sackson, the WARL's chief executive, told Australian press that due to expansion delays, they were considering a move to the Super League.

''We're looking at all options into the future given the delays with the expansion, the English Super League is definitely an idea we are exploring. The idea is still in its infancy, we have another board meeting coming up and we'll be looking deeper into that and start asking the relevant questions.

''We're also looking at playing in the Bundaberg Cup [in Sydney]. But England has been floated and while nothing is concrete, it is an idea we have tabled and will look into it.''

If the move ever did happen, they'd be based over in the UK to avoid lengthy travel times. I'm sure it's a long way off, but would you welcome the idea?

Source: smh.com.au